Top-20 Forwarders lose market share

 In the month of April, worldwide air cargo volumes showed a small upswing of 1.7% Y-o-Y,
a welcome change from the recent trend, even though yields were still mostly trending downwards.

Of the worldwide Top-100 forwarders in Jan-Apr 2012, 90 still belonged to that select company one year later. The worldwide Top-20 forwarders as a group continue to lose revenue: -8.3% in USD for Jan-Apr 2013 compared with the same period in 2012 (NB: all forwarders together lost 3.6%). Only Kuehne & Nagel and Geodis seemed to buck the trend. The Japanese forwarders in particular faced tough times.

The month of April was good for the origins Australia and Ireland (both over 20% volume growth
Y-o-Y). Of the large air cargo countries, four showed a positive volume growth in outgoing business: Italy +10%, the UK +5.7%, Germany +4.1% and India +2.8%.
When talking about country developments, we should not overlook the very healthy growth from Vietnam, Pakistan and Bangladesh to all destination areas: the latter showed an increase of 42% in volume and 5% in yield!

Of the larger O&D's between Asia Pacific and Europe, Hong Kong-Frankfurt showed an April volume growth of 11.6% Y-o-Y, whilst business from Hong Kong to Western Europe as whole, was flat in terms of volume and 3.5% negative in yields.
From Europe to the USA, London-New York was the star performer in April: +11.2% Y-o-Y. From the USA to Asia Pacific, Los Angeles-Tokyo showed a healthy increase of 12.5%.

The area Middle East & South Asia was tops once more. Of the 4 main indicators (Outgoing and Incoming Weight and Yield), the area was positive on 3 out of 4 for April Y-o-Y: for outgoing business +6.9% resp. +4.5%, and for incoming +3.3% resp. -2.9%.