WorldACD provides market data on air cargo. Our information is based on primary sources and covers all countries in the world.

For a growing number of markets, WorldACD is the prime source of cargo market information. Our information is updated every month.

Subscribers typically use our data in network development, route analysis, resource allocation for marketing & sales and product development, revenue management and global accounts management.

Through the use of our data products, our clients can improve their understanding of air cargo trends and markets, which may in turn lead to enhanced performance and better results.

Product Details

Data are made available monthly for all markets worldwide: per region, per country, per city, per lane. They consist of information on volumes, number of shipments, revenues & yields, product types and distribution. This information is based on uniformly defined inputs, which are processed, standardized, classified and verified by WorldACD.

Thanks to our innovations, WorldACD’s air cargo data have a number of distinctive elements not offered by other data services:

- worldwide outbound and inbound data for every country
- revenues incl. and excl. charges under uniform definitions
- data for categories of special cargo, such as perishables
- classification & standardization of agent data
- data based on sales via all distribution channels
- reports customization as part of our regular customer service

Products are distributed either via a web-based business intelligence tool, via flat files or through reports in various different formats.

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