WorldACD provides market data on air cargo. Our information is based on primary sources and covers all countries in the world.

Thanks to the indispensable support of many airlines across the globe, we have been able to build a data service which – according to our clients - ranks among the top market intelligence services in air cargo.

Comparative information shows that our database matches other similar databases in total volume captured. For a growing number of markets, WorldACD is the prime source of market information already.

Our History & Goals

In February 2004, a small group of Dutch airline & aviation people started WorldACD. Their aim was to create a new type of service providing comprehensive data on air cargo markets. They identified three chief requirements for the new service:

- a truly worldwide scope
- inputs from primary sources
- strict confidentiality and neutrality

The founders also realized that the new product should be based on solid business know-how and state-of-the-art technology, be characterized by personalized service, and – last but not least – be available at a competitive price.

We are proud to say that today’s data service is the one we envisaged back in 2004. We have every intention to use this foundation for improving and expanding our services to the air cargo industry.

Our Concept

Companies wishing to gain access to our market data have to provide inputs into our database.

In other words, subscribers to our services have to be ‘fit, willing and able’ to provide relevant, well-defined and verifiable inputs. This concept makes for the continuous growth of our database, which is clearly in the interest of all subscribers.

The confidential inputs provided by each company are safely stored with WorldACD: they are exclusively used to build overall market information, and therefore not available to anyone, neither to other subscribers nor to other third parties.

Our Staff

Our clients are large companies from different continents, backgrounds and cultures, making WorldACD an exciting company to work for.  This has enabled us to attract excellent people, qualified to meet the demands imposed by an expanding business and by the wish for improving products constantly.

Our team has vast know-how & experience gathered from a variety of backgrounds: airline management and operations, integrator business, aviation consultancy, finance, law, operations research & econometrics, market research, IT infrastructure and software engineering.

An important part of our business is to develop specialized methods and software in order to deal with a large variety of inputs and the verification thereof. Thanks to many innovations made in-house, our staff maintains, updates and enhances a database containing more than 3 billion data fields.